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Jessica Hogeland

English & Yearbook

Course Overviews

English I:  This course is designed to provide you with an intense understanding in literary genres, reading comprehension, composition skills, and grammar skills.  I assign several projects in place of tests; be prepared to be creative!  This course requires an NC Final Exam as 25% of the final course grade.

Honors English III: This course, American Literature Honors English III, is designed to provide you with an overview of American authors and literary periods. We will be examining works from American history. Along with literature, we will be studying different written forms, vocabulary, grammar, syntax, and a research project. The research will consist of a research/literary analysis paper, surveying, a current event, contemporary music/video relationship, and a major presentation.  This course requires an NC Final Exam as 25% of the final course grade.

Yearbook:   This course is only offered in the Fall semester, and students must fill out an application (in December) to be accepted into the class prior to registration.  Only 10th, 11th, and 12th graders are eligible to take this course.  They will be responsible for advertisement sales, design layouts, copy and caption writing, interviewing, proofing, and photographing (all of which get graded).  They will be under pressure to meet strict deadlines and advertisement sales (the application contains a letter students and parents must sign).  Yearbook students will be required to attend school functions after school for yearbook coverage and must be reliable.  They will also be required to help in the spring semester (after school) a few times to help finish the yearbook and organize the shipment when it arrives in May.  They are graded strictly on their performance and abilities to complete quality deadlines.