• Benhaven School was established in 1924.  Nestled in the countryside, the name Benhaven means "Hill of Refuge", which has been true for the 50,000+ students who have passed through its doors.  Benhaven was a 1st-12th school, a 4th-8th grade school, a 3rd-5th grade school and now is a PreK-5th grade Elementary School. 

    A new Benhaven Elementary School opened in August 2018, a few miles from the original site. The tradition of excellence continues at the new site. Benhaven has great diversity among its students and staff.  Benhaven is a regional leader for high student achievement. 

    The parents at Benhaven are second to none. Collaborations between school and home has a direct effect on the school's continued success. Thank you for visiting our site. 

    Benhaven Elementary School



    Benhaven School 1924-2018

    Old Benhaven