Please note enrollment for ASC does not begin before 8:00 AM.

    Once your student is enrolled, regular school hours are 7:30 AM - 2:30 PM.

    What is Academic Support Center?
    Academic Support Center (ASC) provides intervention and prevention services, such as credit recovery, and general curriculum so students that have been susupended from their regular school can attend ASC and recover the day of attendance to count for them as well as the ability to make up any work they would miss from being suspended.


    To cut down of the days missed from school and missing school work for students that have been suspensed at their home school site. 


     What to Bring With You

    If your child has been suspended please bring the following:

     a copy of their suspension paperwork

    a parent or guardian to sign them in and the paperwork


    ASC is located here at STAR Academy on 11th Street in Lillington.

    Dress Code

    Dress Code

     Students must be in proper attire at the time they arrive on campus and enter the cafeteria.  They must remain that way throughout the day and while they board the bus or car to leave.  Apparel will not display vulgar language, ideas, or pictures.  Gang related attire is not permitted. 

    The dress code is as follows:


    • Shirts must be a collared shirt which will be provided by the student.
    • If dress code becomes a problem then a uniform shirt will be provided by STAR Academy.
    • No hoodies at all even in jacket form.


    • Students will be allowed to wear their own pants.
    • If dress code become a problem then students will be issued uniform pants by STAR Academy.
    • Pants must be worn on waist line at all times and must not sag or be baggy.
    • Pants should fit so that other pants or undergarments do not show when seated or at any other time.
    • Pants must be completely free of holes, cuts, rips, that show any skin.
    • Pants not allowed include leggings, jeggings, spandex, pajamas, sweatpants, skinny jeans, cut-offs, or others of this type. This list is not all inclusive and subject to administrative/staff determination.
    • Belts are optional.
    • Students wearing inappropriate pants will be given a pair of black pants to wear for the day and refusal to change will serve as insubordination.  The student will be released from ASC and complete the rest of the school suspension from home.

      Headgear, Accessories, and Handbags

    • Headgear and other accessories are not permitted on the school grounds. (i.e. baseball hats, scarves, hairnets, do rags, headbands, sunglasses, etc.).
    • If any of the above items are confiscated, they will be turned in to the Principal for a parent to pick up.
    • Students my wear jackets as needed during class time, however hoods are not to be worn on any part of the head in class, halls, cafeteria, etc.

     Administration/staff reserves the right to revise or determine if a students’ dress at any given time is appropriate.

    Student Expectations

    Classroom Expectations

    Behavioral Expectations:

    • Student is expected to be on time, be prepared for and on task in all assignments.
    • Student is expected to show evidence of being motivated at all times in both online assignments and in other classroom assignments.
    • Student is expected to use mature communication skills at all times.
    • Student is expected to respect himself/herself and others at all times.
    • Student is expected to have transportation arrangements made with parents prior to attending the program each day.

    Academic Expectations:

    • Student is expected to set goals and show evidence of working to achieve those goals.
    • Student is expected to participate in completing assignments for the purpose of maintaining academic performance.
    • Student is expected to attend regularly. Absences may warrant the removal from the program so that this opportunity may be offered to another student.
    • Student is expected to have a desire to be successful

    General Information

    General Information

    Academic Support is located only on the first floor of STAR Academy.  Students will remain in the same classroom throughout the day except for lunch.  Students are reminded that they are NOT to enter the downstairs hallway at any time for any reason.  Students may not enter any other building on this campus, unless directed by a staff member. 


    Students need to arrive at school to school at 7:30.  All students must enter through the cafeteria.  Students should be appropriately dressed before entering the building.  Upon arrival students will immediately go through the metal detector and through student search procedures.  Academic Support students will then get their breakfast and report upstairs directly to the designated classroom for breakfast and homeroom.  There will be no hanging out in the hallways or bathrooms.


    Academic Support students will bring breakfast to be eaten in the classroom. Students arriving late are not allowed to bring breakfast in the building with them.  Eating should be done prior to coming to school.  If you arrive before 8:30 you may be able to get a breakfast from the cafeteria.  Anytime a bus arrives late breakfast will be provided for riders at that time.


    When in the hallway students are expected to continue to follow all rules.  At no time should a student disturb another classroom or teacher by stopping by to peak in or say hello to anyone, including the teacher.  Phones, headphones, and/or any other electronic devices should not be in use or visible in the hallways. 


    Students will remain in the assigned classrooms for the entire day unless otherwise directed by the teacher or administration.  Students may not leave classrooms for any reason without permission from the teacher. Food and drinks are not allowed at/on the computer workstations or visible on the floor or tables.  Eating and/or drinking is not allowed at or on computer tables and counters.  Snacks must be kept in book bags at all times. Teachers will direct you regarding individual classroom procedures. 


    Academic Support students will eat lunch in the school cafeteria at 10:40 am.  Lunch is over at 11:00am.  Students must use good manners and respect others while at lunch.  There will be designated tables in the cafeteria for Academic Support students.  Middle School Students will seat by the windows to the right side and High School students will eat at the next row of tables.  Students must remain at these tables during lunch and are not to be moving about the cafeteria without permission from a staff member.  Students may not leave the cafeteria until it is time to return to the classrooms.  No food, drinks, cups, or ice will be taken from the cafeteria following lunch.  All food must be eaten before leaving the cafeteria. 

     Bag lunches are permissible but please be aware that there is no microwave and/or refrigerator access for students in the classrooms.  Students may use the microwave in the cafeteria.  Any beverage brought to school MUST NOT HAVE THE SEAL BROKEN.  Any drink container with a broken seal may be checked for contents.


    Students will take personal bathroom breaks during class with teacher permission.  Boys will line up in the hall and are allowed to use the bathrooms one at a time.

     Buses and Dismissal

    No bus transportation will be provided.  Parents will need to alert our ASC staff how their child will be getting to and from hom.  Upon dismissal, Academic Support staff will accompany students from classes to thecar rider area.  Please use the walkways and steps when going to this designated area.  Students are to go directly to their cars if they are driving.  Students must not enter STAR Academy or any other building.   All Academic Support rules apply until students leave the school campus, including parking and bus lots.

    ASC Facilitators
    Middle School

    Ms. Melissa Eudy 

    High School

    Mrs. Kareen Teasley