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    Harnett County Schools is proud to offer dual immersion programs that prepare our students for the 21st-century world in which we live. We recognize the need to ensure that our students are prepared to learn, work and lead in a competitive, multilingual, ever-changing environment.  These programs will give students the opportunity to take advantage of the optimal time to learn a language and develop an appreciation and understanding of diverse cultures, peoples, and perspectives in the world. 

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                                          Bilingual InfoGraphics (English)                                     Dual Language Brochure (English)


                                          Bilingual InfoGraphics (Spanish)                                    Dual Language Brochure (Spanish)  


    Highland Elementary School launched the Spanish Language Immersion Program in 2017 in collaboration with Participate and Harnett County Schools. Language immersion is an exciting option for parents who want their child to have the advantages of a rigorous academic program while also learning two languages: English and Spanish.  In a Spanish immersion program, Spanish is not taught as a subject; Spanish is the language in which instruction is delivered. Students receive a complete academic foundation and are taught the same state-approved standards along with learning another language. Admission to the Dual Language Program is best suited for students with an advanced academic skill-set and is available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Students enter the program in Kindergarten and continue through Fifth Grade. Entry into the program after Grade 2 is not recommended.