• Office Hours:

    Monday-Friday 7:30am-4:00pm


    Student Arrival: 7:55am-8:20am

    Tardy Bells rings at 8:20am.  Arrivals after this time need to be accompanied by a parent to the office ot sign in and receive a tardy slip.

    Student Dismissal: 3:25pm

    Important Note Concerning Student Dismissal:

    If your child needs to ride a different bus home, remain at school, or is being picked up by someone different, you must send a written note to the school.  Students who do not bring notes will be dismissed in their regular manner.  Please do not call the school to make temporary changes.

    Click here for more information regarding Harnett County School's Attendance Policy.

     Visitor Policy:

    Parents and visitors must visit the school office upon arriving.  Parents and visitors need to sign in and will receive the proper identification.  Thank you for adhering to this policy--it is for your child's safety!


    Click here for information regarding Harnett County School's Homework Policy.

    Dress Code:

    Students are not allowed to wear rolling sneakers (ex: Heelys) or to have rolling book bags.

    Computer and Internet Usage by Students:

    Students are expected to use computers and the internet in a manner that complies with the Harnett Count Internet Policy (see your Student Handbook for details).  Failing to do so may result in disciplinary actions including but not limited to the loss of computer privileges.

    Student Handbook:

    Student Handbooks are passed out to all students at the start of each school year.  They inform you of our procedures, student support services, academic factors, our expectations of students and parents, and alsdo include important policies from Harnett County Schools.  If you are in need of a new copy of the Student Handbook, please ask at the front desk and we will supply you with one.