• Report Card Conferences

    Grade 3-5

    Held quaterly when report cards go home

    During the report card conference each child will be given a chance to talk with a mentor about their report card progress.  They will set goals and plan for improvements to me made for the next report card.  During the conference the student will explain what struggles they might have or what praises they might have during the nine week grading period.  

    We are working with a group of people from facing giants who are experienced in mentoring students.  They are preapproved through the county with a background check and they have attended a training session on how to work with the children.  

    This information that is recieved from the conference is used to proved resources for the children or outside agencies for example if a student shares that they can not see the board or need to sit closer towards the front of the room.  The information is taken back to the teachers and administration.  All information is held in confidence.

    The report card conference is to help develop communication skills for the children and give them more ownership in their academic progress.