• The OMS Counseling Department's mission is to support and enable all students to access and participate in a challenging curriculum.   We utilize data and stakeholder input to develop activities that support students academically, emotionally, and socially. Our vision is to produce students who are going to be college and career ready and prepared to meet the challenges and expectations of the 21st Century. We work as a team alongside parents, teachers, and administrators. Our program offers individual and small group counseling.  We use schoolwide and classroom presentations to deliver information and to build relationships with all students and staff.  

      We welcome input from Parents, Students, and Staff. Please take a moment to complete our "Needs Assessment".

      Click here:  https://www.harnett.k12.nc.us/Page/14189 and choose "Parent" or "Student" version.


      Along with teachers being able to refer students to their counselors, students and parents can also access the links below to make a referral or request information.  If you would like to schedule a meeting with your counselor, please click on the appropriate link below to make your request. We will contact you to schedule a meeting or address your questions. 

      We are proud to be able to serve the students and families of Overhills Middle School! Please feel free to contact us with any questions that may come up during the school year. Our contact information and student caseloads are listed below.


      La'Shonda Jones- 8th grade, Elliott, Whyte, Paciage, Moodie, Bailey and Wedderburn


      910-436-0009, ext. 121

      Sarah Haggard- 6th grade, Timmons, Walters, Owens, Go Ping, McDonald, and Buchanan-Campbell


      910-436-0009, ext. 120




       Student Request  

         **Mrs. Jones' Student Appointment Request Form

         **Mrs. Haggard- Student Appointment Request Form

      Parent Request

         **Mrs. Jones' Parent Appointment Request Form

         **Mrs. Haggard- Parent Appointment Request Form