• Johnsonville Elementary School is a PBIS School  (Positive Behavioral Intervention Support School)

    Johnsonville has 3 behavioral expectations and there are posters of what these behaviors look like in the different parts of the school on our Teaching Matrix in the different locations.

    Our motto is the 3 B's:  Be Responsible, Be Respectful and Be Kind

    If each student follows these rules throughout the school great things happen.

    We do PBIS School Wide at Johnsonville.  We use a color coded system of behavior everyday throughout the whole school.  Your child will bring home a monthly calendar which will display his/her color (grade) and points for the day.  Everyone starts on Green which is Ready to Learn for the Day.  The student can be moved up for positive actions and down for negative actions.  They can always earn their way back up during the day.  

    When a student earns 20 point they get a prize from the classroom treasure chest.  When they earn 40 points within a month they get to go to the school office and pull a prize from the school treasure box in Mrs. Choate's office.

    At the end of each month if a student is on Blue and Purple everyday of the month they participate in the Parade of Success.  If they recieve Blue everyday of the month they will get to attend the Pride Party.  

    Johnsonville staff has expected academic and social behaviors that are expected daily and if they are not seen then staff will teach directly to the students in the classroom and across the different locations these expected behaviors.  We try to use the first two weeks of the school year to provide this time to develop these behaviors.  We also have to reinforce them after long weekends and holidays to bring back the expected behaviors if they fall away.

    Johnsonville has clear definitions for behaviors that interfere with academic and social success and a clear policy/procedure listed in our student handbook for addressing office-managed versus staff-managed problems.

    We have discipline policies and classroom prcedures in place.  We provide professional development for our staff to ensure that we are all on the same page with PBIS.  We value your feedback and acknowledgement and involvement.  We will be providing a link for you to send in your suggestions about how we can improve our PBIS school-wide system.

    Here at Johnsonville we look at the discipline data monthly and base our decision making from the data provided.  


    We will be asking you as a parent or community member or student and staff to participate in our Annual evaluation.