Application Process is required for The Academy at Lillington enrollment as well as an interview process

    Once your student is enrolled, regular school hours are 7:30 AM - 2:30 PM.

    What is The Academy at Lillington?

    The Academy provides intervention and prevention services, such as credit recovery, which will improve quality educational opportunities for students at risk of failure and dropping out. This center also provides an environment that optimizes student's chances of graduating and becoming productive citizens.


    Students are actively engaged in computer-based lessons and activities prescribed by the Credit Recovery Program.  Attendance alone DOES NOT guarantee success, nor does it bring with it automatic credit recovery. Students earn grades and demonstrate evidence of content mastery as they complete their assigned modules. There is a prescribed amount of student work required for each subject, all of which is fully aligned with the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction's Standard Courses of Study.

    The Credit Recovery Program is an opportunity for students to retrieve credits for courses they previously failed.  Enrollment in this center allows students to earn up to 22 credits, which is required for graduation. Credit Recovery will only be successful for those students who are committed to making positive changes in their academic efforts and want to meet the expectations of the program.


    To increase opportunities for students who have experienced difficulty in school and have been identified as at-risk.  Also, provide additional support to those students who are two or more grade levels behind their peers or experiencing difficulty meeting specified local requirements of 26 credits for graduation.