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Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelor Degree in Environmental Science (Hons) Post Graduate Degree in Science Education

Ms. Shashana Ellington

Subject: Earth and Environmental Science 

              AP Environmental Science APES

Room: B227

Education: Master of Science in Education Walden University 

Bachelor degree in Environmental Science and Post Graduate degree in Science Education (Hons)

Degree: University of the West Indies and College of Agriculture, Science and Education

Experience: 14 years teaching Science

About Me: I am guided by the words of the first woman to win a Noble Prize in science, Marie Curie who wrote that " Nothing in life is to be feared. It is only to be understood." I am very passionate about teaching children, helping them to make the connections between real life situations and science. I am here to foster meaningful learning through interactions, explorations, observations, etc. I feel complete when my students achieved their goals, and I will continue to encourage them with words from Robert Collier that "success is the sum of all efforts, repeated day in and out."

 My interests include but not limited:  Environmental Advocation, Track and Field, Reading Trending science journals and research. 

Spring Semester 2022 Google Classroom Class Code:

2nd Period:  25vt6wz

3rd Period: ajh4bpw

4th Period:  ei5r6ht