Degrees and Certifications:

Social Work major at Meredith College

Cindy Delgado

     I was raised in Harnett County and graduated from Western Harnett High School.  I attended Meredith College in Raleigh where I earned my social work degree and K-12 certification through DPI.   My first job was with Harnett County Schools as the first school social worker. I worked the Harnett Central/Triton attendance area where I served 11 schools. Before leaving Harnett County in 2007, I served 5 schools in the Harnett Central area.

     After 14 years and 2 children, my husband and I relocated to Tennessee for 7 years.  While I was there I worked as a Behavior Support Specialist/Social Worker in a Behavior Support Program with Clarksville Montgomery County School System and earned my licensure in social work.  Since returning to North Carolina in 2014, I am once again working with Harnett County Schools but as a Dropout Prevention Coordinator/Success Coach.  I serve the Western Harnett attendance area.  It is nice to be working in the community I grew up in and seeing many familiar faces.

     I work with at-risk students and their families to develop a plan to help them graduate high school.  This is very rewarding to me both professionally and personally.  My passion has always been to encourage students to succeed by overcoming their obstacles, to teach them to not let their circumstance dictate their path, and to take their destiny into their own hands.  The end result is seeing those students walk across the stage, diploma in hand, believing in themselves and their future.