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Degrees and Certifications:

  • Your school counselor is here to help!


    School counselors meet with students when…

    Parents make a request.

    Students make a request.

    Teachers/staff members make a request.

    A student is visibly upset, angry etc.






  • School counselors are here for parents!

    We will work with parents/ guardians to:

    • Provide support when seeking help
    • Provide information regarding available community resources
    • Share information about their child within the boundaries of the counselor’s professional ethics
    • Review student academic performance

    School counselors are here for students!

    We will meet with students to:

    Create a plan for academic success

    Problem solve

    Help with friends

    Identify strengths/explore interests

    Help with Transitions 

    Work on behavior concerns

    Learn to cope with Emotions

    Cope with changes in the family

    Deal with Loss 

    School counselors visit classrooms to teach guidance lessons on…

    • Study habits and test taking strategies
    • Bullying Prevention
    • Goal setting
    • Character traits (PBIS Lessons)
    • Career development and healthy decision-making
    • Handling stress and other emotions
    • Dealing with peer pressure, friendship and teamwork

    School counselors offer small counseling groups.

    4 to 8 students meet in a group to talk, share feelings and learn coping strategies when they are dealing with a similar concern such as divorced parents, loss of a loved one or social/emotional concerns. **Students will only participate in groups if written parent/guardian permission is received.**


  • Confidentiality

     A student and family’s privacy is very important.  All information shared with

    a school counselor will remain confidential


    (1) a student shares a plan to harm him or herself or someone else

    (2) there is suspicion a student may be a victim of abuse or neglect

     In these situations, we are

    required by law to report this

    information to parents and/or

    to appropriate agencies.

    Counselors may share information with teachers/staff on a need to know basis with student or parent permission.