Phone: (910) 893-4013 - Classroom 315


Degrees and Certifications:

*Language Bachelor degree at IPNM. (Peru) *Second specialty in Psychopedagogy at Ricardo Palma university.(Peru) *Master's degree in Psychology and learning disabilities at Ricardo Palma University. (Peru) *Specialization in teaching Spanish at Miguel de Cervantes University (in progress - Spain)

Ms. Angela Lopez Riofano


My name is Ms. Lopez and I am the Spanish teacher in kindergarten, this is my fourth year working in Boone Trail in the Dual Immersion program, but it is my eight year teaching in kindergarten. I really enjoy working in this level, the way we can explore the new language and having fun together during the lessons.

I was born in Peru which is a country located in South America, I graduated from university Instituto Pegagogico Nacional Monterrrico in 2013 and I have been working as teacher since 2014. 

I am really happy to have this experience teaching with my heart, I love the way students are learning a new language and how they are improving during the year, kindergarten is where the adventures begins and we will have a good experience in this class.

Let's enjoy this great school year.

with love

Ms. Lopez