Technology Information

    • WHMS is a one to one school.
      • Every student has a chromebook issued at the beginning of the school year.
      • Students and parents must sign the 1:1 computer agreement before students are issued a chromebook.
      • Students are responsible for repair costs of damages to the computer.
      • Students will keep the same chromebook for the entire time they are at WHMS.  Changes are only made due to computer failure.
      • Students are encouraged to purchase a case/cover for their chromebook.
      • Chromebooks do NOT go home and are only carried to core classes.  Chromebooks are not carried to Electives or PE.
    • Teachers use Google Classroom to facilitate instruction and learning.  Students use their accounts to log in to all school resources.  Harnettstudents accounts are to be used only for school purposes.
    • Parents are strongly encouraged to sign up for Powerschool Access to monitor students' grades and attendance.  A new form must be completed for 6th graders.  The completed form should be taken to Mrs. Holt (data manager) along with a photo ID for verification.  This allows the most current information regarding students grades and attendance.  Progress reports are sent home at mid-term (4.5 weeks in the quarter) and report cards are sent home at the end of the quarter.  
    • Be sure to give your students' teachers a current email address to receive digital communication via Google Classroom summaries and/or Classroom Dojo.  
    • Renaissance Place is a schoolwide reading program implemented daily to promote growth in reading.  Students are assessed quarterly and goals are set based on those assessments.  Students who meet quarterly goals are rewarded for their accomplishments.
    • Students visit the media center every 2 weeks and check out 3 books.  If students read all 3 books before the scheduled class time, they will be allowed to come and exchange their books at a time which does not interrupt instruction during the ELA core time.

    Chromebook Model Information

    Dell Chromebook 11 Generation 2 Model 3120 

    Chromebook Chromebook flat