Degrees and Certifications:

Lang Hong Liu

Hi! Ni Hao!(你好!)I am Ms. Langhong. Lang means bright. Hong means promising. Langhong means a bright and promising future. I am from Beijing, China.

I graduated with a Bachelors of Chinese language and literature from a Chinese university in Beijing. I got my Chinese teaching credential for elementary school and middle school after I graduated from university. I also have an Official Certificate of Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages. I am taking an online course of education to learn about American education right now.

I love teaching very much. It is my career but not only a job. I especially like teaching in an international environment. I worked in an international school with IB curriculum as a kindergarten and grade one co-teacher for one and a half years. Then I worked in a local public elementary school as a homeroom, Chinese and math teacher for five year. I taught grade one to grade three, grade five and grade six there. My class got the excellent classroom award seven times during the five years. I am so happy to teach in the first ever Chinese dual language immersion program in Harnett County. I was the lead teacher of Chinese immersion kindergarten last year. I really enjoy helping children learn Mandarin in this program. We held a wonderful Chinese New Year performance for the whole school. Some of my students participated in the Chinese Speech Contest organized by Confucius College. I am very proud of my students. Because of my hardworking and teaching performance, I was the finalist of a Chinese Memorial Fund offered by Participate Learning which works with public schools in North Carolina. There was only one winner and one finalist among all the Chinese teachers in the Participate Chinese teaching program.

I always believe language is power. To be bilingual and even trilingual will provide our children more chances in their life. I will create a comfortable learning environment for my students, help them learn Chinese in a fun way, become a global citizen and have a successful life!


Guo Ruijuan Memorial Fund Finalist