Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelor of Arts degree in History Postgraduate Diploma in History Education

Ms. Tameika Anglin

Yours truly is a Jamaican born world class educator, who has been educating and positively molding the lives of students at home and in America for a total of eight years. As a holistic thinking and educator 'My Personal Philosophy of Teaching' is to "positvely transform students' lives not just academically, but holistically - so that students can become independent autonomous citizens who will contribute to the continued growth and development of society." 

I pride myself as a"Holistic Healthy Lifestyle" ambassador and an advocate of preventative health AKA "a health, fitness and nutrition enthusiast turned professional/coach." Hence, i am deeply passionate and committed to maintaining an eternal relationship with the gym and my kitchen. If that's "boring" i love - reading non-fictional books and going on adventure tours!