Phone: 910-436-0009


Degrees and Certifications:

-Bachelor of Secondary Education major in Biology -Masters in Educational Management- Complete Academic Requirement -Licensure Examination for Teachers- Professional Regulation Commission

Ms. Maria Teresa Pacaige

Mabuhay! I am from the beautiful land of the Philippines. I finished my Bachelor's degree in Secondary Education major in Biology from the National Center for Teacher Education,the Philippine Normal University. From the moment I have graduated , I have already seen myself as a teacher who can guide my students to be the best people they want to be by letting them discover their potentials, maximize their strengths, and capitalize on their ares of growth. I have been teaching Science in middle school for almost seven years now. I have always seen myself as a teacher who values my student's character among others. Character is the fruit and stem all other skills, and I believe that nurturing one's character results in producing competent, commited , creative and successful individuals who can instill change in the society. 

I have always been an advocate of continuos learning. I believe that learning is a never ending cycle, and I can be an instrument in ensuring this process does not stop. Having the quench for learning, showing excitement to new concepts, being provided with authentic activities and opportunities, are just some of the daily targets I set for my class. More than being an efficient teacher, I make sure I am always someone who shows care and love to my students, making them feel that our classroom is not only a room where we can learn , but a room that one can consider " home". 

Lastly, I believe that teaching does not end in instilling knowledge to students but also involves touching their lives, and later for transforming them to be catalysts of a positive change in the future.