Admission Requirements for Harnett County Schools
    The documents listed below are required at the time of enrollment in Harnett County Schools.

    North Carolina law also requires all students entering NC Public Schools for the first time to present a completed Health Assessment Transmittal Form within thirty calendar days of attendance.

    The Health Assessment Transmittal form must be completed in its entirety.  
    The Health Assessment Transmittal form must be completed no more than 12 months prior to the date of school entry. “Date of Assessment” must be filled in.
    The Health Assessment Transmittal form must be completed, signed and dated by a physician, physician’s assistant, nurse practitioner or a public health nurse meeting the Department of Health and Human Services screener standards.
    Health Assessment Transmittal Form
    Health Assessment Transmittal Form-Spanish 

    Kindergarten enrollment (not initial enrollment) through grade twelve

    Documentation of withdrawal from the school in which they were previously enrolled
    Certified Birth Certificate or other satisfactory evidence of child's date of birth
    Immunization Record*
    Proof of Residency**
    *  A student will be allowed thirty days from enrollment to have immunizations in compliance with North Carolina law.  A student who produces an immunization record that is in noncompliance on day thirty after enrollment will be immediately withdrawn.

    **  Documentation for proof of residency is left to the discretion of the principal.  It may include, but is not limited to, statement of utility connection or bill, lease from rental property, proof of purchase of residential property in Harnett County.  A post office box number is not sufficient for proof of residency.

    *** Upon entering kindergarten as initial enrollment, a student shall present a completed health assessment transmittal form.  A student will be allowed thirty days from the first day of attendance to present the required health assessment.  Students who fail to present a completed health assessment by the end of the thirtieth day shall not be permitted to attend school until which time the required document is presented.

    Students who reside in Harnett County with a parent, legal custodian or guardian will need no further documentation.  Students who have no parent, legal guardian or custodian in Harnett County will be required to have a legal guardian or legal custodian designated.

    North Carolina law requires that every student present, within thirty (30) calendar days of enrollment, proof that required immunizations have been received.  A certificate of immunizations shall contain the name of the child, name of the child's parent, guardian or person responsible for the child, the address of the child, the sex of the child, the number of doses of the vaccine given, the date the doses were given, and the name and address of the physician or health department administering the required immunizations.

    Immunization requirements for students entering Kindergarten through 12th Grade

    DTP/ DTaP (diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis)- 5 doses - The initial series of three doses plus 2 booster doses, if the 4th dose was given after 4th birthday, 5th dose is not required. There must be a dose given after 4th birthday.
    Tdap (tetanus, diphtheria and pertussis) - 1 booster dose required for all students prior to entering Grade 7 if five years have passed since last dose of tetanus/diphtheria toxoid.
    Meningitis 1 dose required for all students prior to entering Grade 7. 
    OPV/IPV (Polio) - 4 doses - the initial series of three doses plus a booster dose. If the 3rd dose was given after 4th birthday, the 4th dose is not required.
    MMR - 2 doses  OR - 2 doses of measles vaccines, 2 doses of mumps vaccine, 1 dose of rubella vaccine – usually given combined as MMR. The 1st measles or MMR must have been given on/after 1st birthday. There must be 30 days between first and second dose of measles or MMR.
    Hib – If child is 5 or older, Hib is not required. If child is younger than 5, 3 doses and a booster dose on/after 1st birthday are required. 1 dose on/after 15 mos. meets the requirement.
    Hepatitis B - 3 doses – required for all children born on/after 7/1/94.
    Varicella - 2 doses - given on/after 1st birthday for children born on/after April 1, 2001 or history of disease documented in writing by parent or physician (age of child or date of disease).