• Hi! I am Mr. Juan Carlos Cousart Barroza and it is my first year of teaching here at Harnett Central Middle School. I had been teaching for 6 years prior to teaching at this school. I am from the Philippines and it is my first year here in the United States of America as well.


    I graduated in 2015 from the Philippine Normal University with the degree Bachelor of Secondary Education major in Mathematics. I took up acadmeic units for the degree Master of Arts in Education with specialization in Mathematics Education from the same institution. I also earned academic units from De La Salle University Manila under the Master of Science in Teaching Mathematics.


    I am a Licensed Professional Teacher in the Philippines since I passed the Board Examination in 2015. Currently, I hold a Professional Educator's License from the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction for Mathematics 6 - 9 and Mathematics 9 - 12.


    Prior to teaching here in Harnett Central Middle School, I taught the following subjects in the Philippines:

    7th Grade Mathematics

    8th Grade Mathematics

    9th Grade Mathematics

    10th Grade Mathematics

    8th Grade Science

    8th Grade Health

    General Mathematics

    Pre Calculus

    Basic Calculus

    Tehcnical Drawing (CAD)


    I am looking forward to working with you all.