Homework will be used as a tool to help reinforce and practice daily skills. Homework may be used when computing grades. Homework assignments will be directly related to classroom content being taught. Students will be shown how to complete assignments before being assigned. Homework assignments will enhance student learning and development responsibility. Parents are asked to provide students with a quiet and comfortable place for doing homework. Parents are also asked to provide support by signing student agendas, making sure homework is complete and signing home reading logs daily. In order to be more closely aligned with the middle schools, all homework that is late is due within one week of being assigned.


    Harnett County School Policy Code: 3135 Homework

    The board recognizes the importance of homework in supplementing classroom instruction and furthering the goals of the educational program.  Homework reinforces learning and stimulates independence, responsibility and self-direction.

    Homework assignments shall provide practice in skills which already have been taught in class.  Teachers should take into consideration the differences in financial, educational and technological resources of students and their parents or guardians when making assignments.  In addition, homework assignments should improve a student's ability to work independently.  Assignments shall be reasonable in the amount of time necessary to complete the tasks in light of the age and maturity of students and other assignments given to the students.  Parental concerns regarding homework should be addressed to the teacher.  Principals will be responsible for ensuring that homework assignments are made in accordance with this policy.

    Legal References:  G.S. 115C-36, -47, -307

    Cross References:  Guiding Principles of the Educational Program (policy 3000)

    Adopted:  September 8, 2003


    Grading Scale

    New Grading Scale: Beginning in 2015-16, Harnett County Schools’ students in grades 3-12 will be graded on a ten-point grading scale as follows:

    90-100% = A                      
    80-89% = B                         
    70-79% = C
    60-69% = D
    <59 = F