Grades are a means of measurement toward one student's growth according to his/her abilities. These grades must reflect one's efforts during a designated time period so as to be representative of the student's potential for learning.



                  Triton High School recognizes homework as a tool in helping students achieve mastery of course goals and support the homework policy set forth and approved by the Board of Education.  Teachers at Triton High School are required to implement this policy in their general assignment of independent practice for students.  In addition (and more specifically), the faculty of Triton High School shall adhere to the guidelines outlined in the Homework Policy designed for our school.



                 We at Triton High School believe homework to be a part of the total learning process.  It can serve its most meaningful purpose in the lives of our students if our faculty uses it as: 

                - an instructional strategies tool

                - part of the overall evaluation process

                - a tool for developing self discipline and independent study


                - a means of enriching and extending classroom instruction and

                  allowing for student display of individual creativity



                 Homework is to be assigned on a guideline of one (1) (meaningful) assignment of 15-20 minutes in length per subject taught each day.  If student(s) invariably have ample time to COMPLETE assigned homework during the instructional period, then THE STUDENT(S)' INDIVIDUAL INSTRUCTIONAL NEEDS ARE NOT BEING MET.  Appropriate changes in planning and/or use of instructional time should then be made by the teacher(s).       



                 Written homework shall be collected, checked (by teachers and/or students), and feedback given to individual students on their degree of success.  The teacher is to collect and review ALL homework and use results to determine follow-up teaching strategies.  ALL homework must have a purpose and feedback.  Students are to be given an end result of homework efforts, whether the assignment is written or manipulative in nature.



                 Studies have shown that there is a direct relationship between homework and achievement.  Effective school research indicates that those schools that assign homework and evaluate it in some manner are more successful at demonstrating better achievement by students.  Through other studies, it has been found that those students who spend more hours on homework score higher on achievement tests.  Perhaps William Raspberry was right when he indicated that students must work harder if they are to be successful.

                 Everything that students need to know cannot be learned within the confines of the classroom.  This is why homework is an essential part of the total educational process.