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    • Tracy Gaines ~ School Library Media Specialist
      Check-Out Policy  

      • Kindergartens are allowed to check out one book.
      • First and Second Graders may check out two books.
      • Third through Fifth Graders may check out three books at a time.
      • Students are encouraged to check-out at least one non-fiction.
      • Parents are allowed to check-out six titles once they set up an account.
      • Loan period for the above is two weeks.  If you need a book for longer, please bring it in the media center to be renewed.  We appreciate the help of students and parents in taking care of our media collection.  If a book is in need of repair, please bring in to the attention of the school's media specialist.  Do not try to repair it yourself.
      • Overdue fines are not charged, but your student may not check out additional books until all overdue books have been returned.  If a book is lost or damaged beyond repair, you will need to pay the replacement cost for the book. 

      Media Center Expectations

      1. Come in quietly and sit with your assigned group.
      2. Listen quietly when the teacher is talking or reading a book aloud.
      3. Raise your hand to speak and wait to be called on.
      4. Keep hands and feet to yourself.
      5. No running or horse play in the media center.
      6. Respect the media center and its resources.
      7. Line up quietly when asked.
      8. Your volume should not be above a level 1.
      9. Straighten your station before leaving.
      10. Follow all LaFayette School expectations.