Welcome to the Public Information Department

  • NTF
    Natalie Tucker Ferrell                                                                     
    Public Information Officer

    910-893-8151 ext. 453    

    The Public Information Department responds to requests for information and serves as the news media's point of contact for Harnett County Schools.

    • Promoting district 
    • Communicating district events and news 
    • Serves as the media’s liaison to the district
    • Coordinates media releases for local newspapers/TV/radio
    • Marketing, publicity, and publications 
    • Works with schools to promote the positive accomplishments of students and teachers 
    • Serves as a point of contact for parents and the community when they are seeking information or wanting to share a suggestion or concern 
    • Point of contact for district website
    • Public records requests
    • Facilities Rental 
    • Volunteers  
    • Builds business and community support for Harnett County Schools 
    • Community Partnerships

    Harnett County Schools seeks partnerships with parents, local businesses, faith-based organizations, and institutions of higher education.

    PR Office

    HCS PR Team: Natalie and Katherine 


    Katherine Novales                                                                     
    Public Information Specialist 
    910-893-8151 ext. 233   

    For rental of facilities and volunteer database inquiries, please contact Patricia Harmon-Lewis at 
    910-893-8151 ext. 404 or email pharmon-lewis@harnett.k12.nc.us