Harnett County Schools Purchasing Department

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    Phone: 910-893-9564

    Garland McDowell

    Garland McDowell

    Director of Purchasing, Grounds, & Custodial Services 



    Virginia Tyler

    Purchasing Coordinator 


    Harnett County Schools' Purchasing Department would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to our services. The purchasing department of Harnett County Schools has numerous responsibilities.The department oversees all purchases made by the Harnett County School system. Our job is to deliver janitorial supplies to all 28 schools in Harnett County. The supply warehouse for janitorial supplies is under the direction of the Custodial Department. Many items for the schools are delivered to the warehouse for processing and delivery to the schools. Daily deliveries to the schools are made from the warehouse

    Furniture for the schools is another responsibility of the Purchasing Department. We deliver the furniture that has been for the 28 schools. 

    Surplus items in the school system are also handled by the purchasing department. A surplus auction is live on Govdeals. 

    Iran Divestment Act Notice

    Any vendor with which Harnett County Schools enters a purchasing contract must attest to the following:

    Contractor certifies that, as of the date listed on the contract, it is not on the Final Divestment List as created by the State Treasurer pursuant to N.C.G.S. 143-6A-4.  In compliance with the requirements of the Iran Divestment Act and N.C.G.S 143C-6A-5(b), Contractor shall not utilize in the performance of the contract any subcontractor that is identified on the Final Divestment List.

    Purchasing Terms and Conditions