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Job Shadowing

Job Shadowing is a 1/2 day to whole day education experience in which a student visits a business or industry to observe the tasks and activities of a specific occupation. It is an opportunity for students to gain first-hand knowledge of an occupation in which they have shown an interest. The Job Shadowing experience is a practical and useful way for any student to explore career opportunities and begin planning for their future.  

The Harnett County Business Education Partnership promotes and sponsors the job shadowing program for high school students.  

The purpose of Job Shadowing is to:

    • Develop an awareness of the education, training, and skills required in a specific occupation.
    • Become familiar with the environment associated with a specific occupation.
    • Identify the job-related characteristics required of specific careers.
    • Determine the degree of interest in an identified occupation.
    • Observe the job responsibilities of a person in a profession of your area of interest.

The student will gain:

    • First-hand experience in a job setting related to your career interests
    • Obtain a better understanding of job requirements
    • Ability to make better career decisions
    • Develop confidence in communicating with adults
    • Improved self-image
    • Increased motivation to excel in school

Please see your school's Career Development Coordinator for a job shadowing packet.