Kindergarten Supply List 2020-21 Remote Learners

Kindergarten Supply List 2020-2021 for Remote Learners


glue sticks 

1 - pair safety scissors (blunt)

1- box 8 count LARGE crayons

large (jumbo) pencils

pencil sharpener

1- pencil box (regular size (not slender), hard shell) - optional for keeping supplies

dry erase markers - optional for writing on whiteboards, homemade whiteboards (sheet of paper in a sheet protector), or table to offer a different way to practice

whiteboard (optional, to be used for practice and would save paper) - could be a sheet protector with a piece of computer paper inside

1 - marble composition notebook (to use as a response activity journal)

Drawing paper (paper without lines) OR computer paper (to use for drawing/writing practice without lines at the beginning of the year) 

writing paper for kindergarten (writing paper with a picture part (no lines at the top) and dotted lines for writing OR any writing practice paper for kindergarten (paper with dotted lines)