Google Classroom Codes Continued

2020-21 Google Classroom Codes Continued

Mrs. Hardy - English

Journalism - eiwacz2
English I - lp6gqsk
8th Grade English - vukybqf
7th Grade English - zkjeqeu

Mr. Campbell - Social Studies

World History -  eqd3gw7
Character Education - lxmcftv
Social Studies - hqt5mnz 
Mrs. Cardenas - Social Studies
Law and Justice: l2o5pw6
Civics and Economics: r255yqd
American History I: 6uizsk5
American History II: axsiygr

Coach Wills - Physical Education

1st Period - a663ig4
2nd Period - dlf54nf
3rd Period – img3o3g
4th Period – tg7cy34

Ms. Vaughn - School Counselor

Code - vcaoe37