Attention 8th Grade Parents


My classes are having issues with behavior that is mature enough to match the age of our students.  These behaviors are keeping students from learning in an environment that allows healthy class discussion and is causing me to spend more time on redirecting behavior issues than teaching.  This is frustrating to myself and those students that have a desire to learn, and has us already 3 days behind schedule.  As a result, I am restructuring the way I handle discipline issues in my class.  Here is the new plan!

Issue 1 - I will give student a warning

Issue 2 - They will immediately get on the phone and call you so we can talk about the behavior 

Issue 3 - I will submit an office referral about the issue


Please speak with your child and see if there is anything you need to be aware of or anything you may need to direct.  If you have questions, or are concerned that your child may exhibit some behavioral concerns, feel free to email me.  I hope this can be quickly turned around so that all students are able to learn and grow in this class.